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The all-in-one solution

- Combination of sidewall with finish and bottom inspection
- For wine glasses and drinking glasses in various shapes and colours

BMSI gesamt.PNG


Automatic inspection of tableware

This integrated solution performs sidewall, finish, ovality, stem and baseplate inspection. It is an all-in-one machine with up to 15 different cameras that covers all the inspection requirements of table glass manufacturers. For example tumbler, tumbler with a handle, stemware and plates made of clear and coloured glass - regardless of the rotational position of the objects to be inspected. An exact measurement with telecentric lenses in a 360° test area is guaranteed.


Sidewall defects

 Defects inside the stem

2  Cracked rims

3  Blister


5  Inclusions

6  Chippings

7  Folds and streaks


Bottom plate defects

1  Deformed base plate

2  Glass splinters and inclusions

3  Baseplate-planity

4  Glass pieces

5  Folds

6  Unfilled bottom plate


Finish defects

1  Edge thickness

2  Ovality

3  Dimensional accuracy

4  Broken edge

Too big "pip"

 Sugar rim

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