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Special solutions

Individual response to customer requirements

- Solutions for the cosmetics sector, black glass, optical lenses, washing machine doors, opal glass and plastic material.


Black glass inspection

Casseroles made of black glass place special demands on the visual inspection. With a total of eight cameras, our solution covers the entire scope of inspection. The unique combination of line and matrix cameras leads to a highly accurate measurement.


Camera bore diameter

The innovative two camera machine is available as a standalone system for new or existing lines. This replaces the high-maintenance mechanical test unit in a star wheel machine. Outer and inner diameters can be checked at high production speeds. In addition, splinters are detected in the inspection area.


Casseroles and household glass

Casseroles and kitchenware come in many different shapes and sizes. We have a flexible concept for every need, based on a unique combination of line and matrix cameras.

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